Test Rigs and Jigs

One of our founders favourite sayings used to be "You must have a test jig for everything" and we have held true to that policy with Winter and Smith specialising in designing Test Jigs and Test Rigs for over 50 years. It is often the case that building a system or product is just the start, ensuring that all parts of it work and are fully tested is often as complex as designing the actual product itself. Using a test rig ensures that any trouble shooting takes place before production to reduce any costly errors. All of the products we design and manufacture, have custom made Test Rigs - and many of our customers have benefited from our expertise in this area.

Examples of test rigs

It is sometimes a requirement to load some custom information into a product under test. The Test Rig pictured below replaced a system that needed a PC and a skilled operator to perform the test process. After observation and investigation of the process, we suggested a Test Rig that allowed an operator to manually enter the required data using BCD switches as part of the test procedure. This cut over five minutes of skilled programming time, and made our customers product easier to build.

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