Mechanical Assembly and Manufacturing

Our staff at Winter and Smith realised early on that some of our customers were looking for something more than just the supply of a circuit board that performed a function - they wanted a completed product which could also include electro-mechanical parts, somewhere to house the electronics and numerous peripheral items. Whilst we were very competitive in the design of the electronics, having to outsource these other areas added considerably to the cost of a product design. Our solution was to invest in a full mechanical workshop to complement our electronics assembly line. Whilst some of the machinery is very old, it is fully functional and has quite a history. In 2018 we purchased a Shapeoko CNC router, to enable us to cut out front panels and create computer designed engraved panels. Our comprehensive machine shop includes the following:

  • CNC vertical small milling machine/cutter
  • Lathe (started life on a WWII Warship after the allies copied the design from a lathe captured from the Germans!)
  • F.J. Edwards sheet metal Guillotine
  • F.J Edwards sheet metal folder
  • Drill mounted tapping machine
  • Numerous Bench drills
  • Horizontal Linisher
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