Bespoke and Unusual Designs

For many years have Winter and Smith have specialised in the design and manufacture of electronics equipment, one-off systems and prototypes. Sometimes customers’ requirements are just so unusual that they are having difficulty finding anyone that can supply what they are looking for and that’s where we can help! As we have a complete mechanical workshop in addition to our electronics facilities, we can tackle such projects in house, without the added time and expenses of getting metalwork and mechanical parts manufactured by a third party. Over time, we have been approached by many customers looking for a solution to a problem that is unique to a product they’ve already had designed – or they require a key part for a system that they are in the process of designing and are unable to purchase. It may be the case that they’ve had a product manufactured by a third party, that requires modifications before it can be sold.

Examples of some bespoke projects we have completed.

Approached by our customer after the device failed initial tests, Winter & Smith tailored an enclosure to fit inside the existing mechanical housing that would completely enclose all electronic circuitry. Subsequent EMC testing was successful. Design work included :

  • Mechanical design
  • 3D models of the proposed housing
  • Creation of a Brass EMC enclosure
  • Mechanical modification of the existing unit, to allow fixings to be added
  • Final assembly, spraying and fitting of the enclosure
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