Internet of Things Projects

Over the years we have been approached by a number of companies wanting to monitor their business activity remotely, with many reasons for doing so which include:-

  • Saving Money (Be that in operating costs, maintenance costs or reducing equipment downtime).
  • Controlling connected devices without requiring a site visit.
  • The ability to analyse equipment operating parameters/data in real-time from anywhere in the world.
  • Adjust the operating parameters of a system, and control connected peripherals remotely.
  • Taking photos or video during site monitoring e.g. intruder detection.
  • Monitoring the reliability and performance of machinery.
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New legislation in the UK has been introduced to monitor Fire Alarm Sprinker systems following a series of high profile fires

This IoT project has been developed in order to monitor Fire Sprinkler Systems in buildings and comply with the latest BS9251 legislation. The installed units connect to the Microsoft Azure IoT hub using an internet enabled modem. Incomding data from the system is then processed and checked for any alarm states’ plus the IoT system allows for other alarm conditions/fault to be flagged e.g. cable breakages or sensor faults. The data is then stored in a database which can be accessed remotely by any web browser. System alert triggers are then sent via SMS text or email to a designated recipient(s). For more information visit

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