IoT Overview

Years ago, this was unthinkable! – but now you can be at home or in the office and monitor virtually anything you want, with our remote monitoring capabilities and expertise. With over 25 years’ experience of monitoring plant, equipment and machinery from afar, Winter and Smith can custom design a solution that is unique to your needs. With our in-house software team, we can also design a complete web monitoring solution if required – so that your equipment can be observed and controlled from literally anywhere.

Many of our clients use our IoT technology to monitor various plant/machinery located in multiple locations around the world. Previously they have needed to periodically visit these sites to verify that all is well, to top up various fuel/coolant levels and check that the machinery was being correctly operated which can be a very costly expense. For us and our customers, IoT is about monitoring something you need to keep an eye on with a view to saving money (be that in decreased energy costs, decreased travel costs, better efficiency - or even just a better understanding of how the product is used out in the world and helping improve it). Another area of IoT we have been involved in recently, is in regulatory compliance. We have designed IoT products for customers such as restaurant chains that need to guarantee that a food product/refrigerator hasn"t exceeded a maximum temperature or building management firms that must be capable of demonstrating that the sprinker systems in a building are tested regularly and are fully working, are examples of such systems. For the Engineers at Winter and Smith, IoT isn"t about checking the contents of your refrigerator and ordering more beer - although we do monitor both commercial freezers and fridges for problems (monitoring has shown the biggest problem being freezer doors left open causing them to consume more power, be unable to maintain temperature and then ice up). Nor for that matter is it about helping with smart meters - although we are currently engaged in a project automating and monitoring the 1500 old fashioned gas lamps in central London (which are currently clockwork and require winding). So as a rule of thumb, if it can be measured electronically, it can be monitored via the internet. We can design equipment to monitor a multitude of different things, record the data and transmit it somewhere – and even turn on/off equipment from afar. Some of our clients would rather have a text message instead of a website, or a data upload to an existing server all of which we can help with. Technologies we have used to transmit data include:

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